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Recording  Projects

Production at OpenwindO is not limited by genre.

Throw on some headphones while we break down these 4 examples:

       1.  Amelia Fords' quirky but poignant lyrics deserved a production that underscored and amplified without interfering. 

2.   Tim Dorsey's song composed around a theft of the song, "Fly me to the moon."                    We chose a near dry vocal treatment, sparse production and synth stabbings to jut in and out of the verbal spaces.


3.  Steve March Torme needed a boutique studio to create this demo for a T.V. Theme.

          You are hearing Steve playing piano, guitar and bass underneath his meticulous vocals.


4.   What can I say? Mr. Matt Turner playing both piano and cello like no one else. A joy to            the studio and to your ears. Very little post needed when you correctly mic a pro. Sometimes you have to know when to stay out of the way. 

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