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About Us


Our engineer/musician, Tim Dorsey, has over 35 years of experience recording live instruments and vocals for album projects as well as for commercial advertising. This spans the time of analogue recording to present where digital recording is the rule of the day. 


He innately knows "good" sound and relies on the vintage gear between his ears to guide. 


The only thing that remains the same is that nothing remains the same. With this in mind we endeavor to stay up to date with ever changing technology through continued education as well as mentoring new talent to bring out the unique sound of each project. 


When you call our office you will consult directly with Tim about your project.


                    Preferred Method

     (920) 475 - 0275

This is an old fashioned way to connect with humans but quite effective.

 Push these numbers on your mobile device and you have 100%

chance of speaking to a real human either 

immediately or by a return call.

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